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New Year, New Blog

For the new year I changed up my blog and am self-hosting now! Welcome to Simply Salisbury! This is a change I have been wanting to make for quite some time now. Yes I know it isn’t on my goals of things to do before I’m 40 but man it should be!

After much contemplation and deliberation for the blog topics, title and name I decided on something easy and I adore my alliterations (see what I did there?)

There are plans made for this blog. Things will get exciting around here! Stay tuned for:

  • home tour
  • family introduction
  • Real Talk mini series
  • More mommy blog collabs
  • photo shoot bloopers
  • recipes
  • shopping
  • dog rescue and fosters
  • product reviews & giveaways
  • and MORE!

I’m looking forward to what this new year and new blog will bring and allow me to share with you.  Make sure you are following along so you don’t miss out!

FunBites Review

I have the opportunity to review another Shark Tank product, FunBites. 

Admittedly it took me a few trial and error attempts to get this right. 

Do not put the pieces together until you have completely cut your food into the fun shapes. The top piece is for pushing the cut slices out. 

I don’t recommend using it on lunch meat for making lunchable type meals, unless you get your meat sliced thick from the deli. Not on the thinly sliced prepackaged lunch meats. 

Fortunately it is perfect for cutting up sandwiches. Baby K loved PB sandwiches and the FunBites makes it easier for him to handle a sandwich. 

I actually get him to sit and eat when his food is cut up with FunBites! 

Curious, I sliced an apple to test FunBites on it as well. Score!

Yay for fun lunch time! Check here for instructions and tips. 

I recommend immediate cleaning as there are small spaces and it will become more difficult to clean. Either way a bottle brush would be handy. 

There are a variety of cutters to choose from and I am excited to try more! 

Looking to get some amazing fun at your mealtime? Get yours and enjoy a discount! It’s never too early to start getting ready for Christmas gifts. Below are some coupons and tips for you to save!

* 20% off any FunBites COUPON CODE to use at WWW.FUNBITES.COM, code is FUNBITESROCKS which is good for 20% off any order. Also there is always FREE SHIPPING when they Buy 3 or More!

* BOGO ON MINIONS: COUPON CODE to use at WWW.FUNBITES.COM; code is MINIONSBOGO and gives consumers a buy one minions get one free. Great for holidays gifts or Minions parties!