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Fun with FunBites

After my previous review of the triangle FunBites food shapes cutter I contacted FunBites for a different shape to try. They sent me the fun and loveable Minion goggles and a bonus! (We will get to that later)

Even the box is fun!  Complete directions can be found here. 

Little red was pretty excited when she saw this cutter, score! We had fun cutting up sandwiches. She asks for Minion goggles for her lunches now. 

As in my previous review, we use homemade bread from a bread machine so our slices are larger than average store bought bread. Here you can see the FunBites Minion goggles in action. 

The food isn’t smooshed, pieces come out easy and cut cleanly. Little red loves it! I even made a plate for baby K to have.  

I may have been a bit more excited than he was. I imagine we will use these year round, especially during the summer on fresh melons! Yum!

*Bonus time*

October is Minion month at FunBites. Check out these great deals:

* 20% off any FunBites COUPON CODE to use at WWW.FUNBITES.COM, code is FUNBITESROCKS which is good for 20% off any order. Also there is always FREE SHIPPING when you Buy 3 or More!

* BOGO ON MINIONS: COUPON CODE to use at WWW.FUNBITES.COM; code is MINIONSBOGO and gives you a buy one minions get one free. Great for holidays gifts or Minions parties!
Ok I have one more bonus for you. A giveaway! One lucky reader will win their very own Minion FunBites! Comment below your favorite sandwich or lunch item. Be sure to follow my blog as well! For extra entries:

  • Follow me on Instagram ChrissyS0822
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Giveaway ends at 11:59pm ET October 21, 2016. 

I’ll Show You My…

Has it been a month already? It has!! Time for September’s edition of mommy and lifestyle blog collab I’ll Show You My… with Katie. This month we are talking back to school haul!

Our kids are back in public school this year. We made sure to have enough of everything and then some for the entire school year, not only the start of the year, but all year long. With one child in 1st grade and another in 11th so they have different needs.  Not knowing exactly what the girls would need this year in school we stocked up on about everything they could need.

Fortunately, we receive back-to-school supplies thru Operation Homefront. They run a school supply donation drive each year and several military units are able to receive these donations. We are able to get a lot of supplies as AJ’s unit is small and there are enough for everyone. Half of these supplies are actually left over from the small supplies we received last year!

When school started we received notice from #2’s teacher she did not need any school supplies as she provides everything so it can all be the same. We will send in other supplies she needs such as disinfectant wipes and tissue. High school is a bit different and they are expected to be more responsible for themselves. #1 has supplies as she has seen fit to use, mostly composition notebooks, pens and pencils. Luckily we have enough of those and she seems to be doing well with them.

Did you get enough of your own school supplies? What does your stash look like? Post yours and link it back here!

I’m including a giveaway this month! I want to pass our blessings on to one of you! One person will win a flat rate box filled with school supplies! To enter simply make sure you are following my blog as well as Katie’s blog, then comment below! Entry deadline is Friday 16 September at 11:59pm ET. 

PinkBlush Maternity Review

Let me start by saying no, this is not a pregnancy announcement. While we are still trying, we are not pregnant at this time. I saw this company and their fabulous line for pregnant mothers then I noticed they have a nursing line as well! How perfect for me since K is still nursing and not showing any new signs of stopping any time soon.

PinkBlush is more than maternity and nursing as well. They carry maternity, nursing, plus size maternity & nursing as well as regular women’s line. These clothes are SO cute! I went thru the plus size nursing dresses and there were pages of options. I found this adorable maxi dress with 3/4 sleeves. I know what you’re thinking “Why would you want 3/4 sleeves during summer?” Well I will get to that. My darling husband helped me select a dress and when it arrived it was more beautiful in person!

The print and colors are beautiful. The dress is well made and properly sewn. The material is light and slinky. It is light enough for warm summer days and has just the right amount of fitting and give. I didn’t feel like I was going to be swallowed up by the dress rather it seemed to be made just for me and my body. The sizing charts listed with the clothes are true to size based on my experience with this dress.

I wore the dress for half a day after it arrived then a few days later on Sunday. Sunday was my big test day. We are at church for long hours, I am nursing K in public and I was giving a lesson as well which meant standing, talking and walking around. This dress stood up to the challenge of a Sunday with K and me. In fact it was better! After driving to church, attending a meeting, Sacrament services, Sunday School, teaching Relief Society and driving back home again, chasing kids around and feeding the rugrats I realized I had no desire to change my clothes!

Normally after six hours of being in my church clothes I am done and ready to change into lounge around the house clothes. (read yoga pants, no bra and a comfy loose shirt).  Around 8pm that Sunday I had not changed and realized I also had not been tugging and pulling at my clothes to get them to stay in their proper place. Even when snuggling with hubby the girls stayed in place and the dress did not move around to expose me like Janet Jackson at a half time show. This is a nursing dress in its truest form. I was able to comfortably nurse when K needed and then be done without squirming or wiggling around to readjust things properly. I am impressed. Not to mention the overwhelming number of compliments I received while wearing this dress as well. Win-win!DSCN1984

About those sleeves…3/4 sleeves are usually not ideal for summer time. I wanted a nursing dress and maxis are all weather versatile so that part was a no brainer. I was concerned about the sleeve length but didn’t want a sleeveless dress or a knee length dress. The material is not binding so I am able to scrunch up the sleeves and make them just above the elbows as are many of my other dresses and shirts. While it is not a cap sleeve length it is comfortable and I know I will enjoy the longer sleeves in colder weather.


Ignore the mess, or don’t, this is real life. Nursing amidst the mess.

Now, I and the great people at PinkBlush, want you to be able to experience some of their fabulous clothing as well. Here is your chance to see for yourself the great quality of their products. Comment below for your chance to win $50 towards your purchase.*  Additional entries for sharing this post on Facebook, commenting and/or tagging friends in the Instagram post, @ChrissyS0822


I let Dawn paint my toe nails the night before… perfect color!

*Eligibility: must not have won any PinkBlush giveaway in last 3 months (90 days). Giveaway is from 6/11 – 6/17 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced June 18th!

Jenn’s Two Scents

Many moons ago we were gifted a soy candle for Christmas. I loved it but one day it was all used up. I searched high and low, near and far for more soy candles but alas they were all overly priced and not as nice.

Last year my friend L turned me onto an Etsy shop run by a fellow military wife. L loves supporting small businesses, her friends and other military wives, she’s great that way. I searched Etsy and found the shop, so tiny and cute. All of her candles were soy and handmade. When I looked at the prices my eyes opened wide, the cost of one small soy candle was half what I found anywhere else. I pointed and clicked and within no time at all, three soy candles were coming to me. Jenn messaged me when they had shipped and again to make sure they arrived lickity split! What great customer service she provides, I thought, I will definitely put her in my favorites.

Lo and behold the candles arrived, wrapped and packaged with care they were inside. Cinnamon & Vanilla was the first to be lit. Oh how the scent created an atmosphere so pleasant. I lit and burned the candle over and over until finally one day there was no more. I gifted Maple, Bourbon and apple to friends for enjoyment. Theirs, like mine, is all burned out.

Spring time is here, L asked if I wanted to order. Yes please but I need to know they won’t make me sneeze. Jenn quickly sent, upon my request, scent strips for my nose to determine which was the best. I liked them all, but had to choose as I could only store so many candles. Sniffing and smelling I looked online again when I spied in Jenn’s shop soy wax melts had appeared! I laughed and I giggled as I told L all the scents I love, just get them all! Quickly again the scents did arrive, this time much smaller as was the wax inside.

I opened and smelled them, enjoying each one. I wanted to see how well they compared to other wax melts I have tried from you know where. One bar with six cubes, only one scent I must choose. English Garden, one cube did go into the warmer and melted so well. The warmer stayed on from day into night. I wanted to test how long this garden would last. When I arose on day three from my room I was still greeted by a pleasant English Garden perfume.

I’ve enjoyed telling and sharing these products with you, I hope you have also enjoyed my little review.


DSCN1957The candle on the right in the little mason jar is from Jenn’s Two Scents. It burned with an even scent and  the wax melted evenly, unlike other candles such as the one on the left. I LOVE that about her candles. I hate having to try to maneuver around wax while trying to light the wick. 12729086_1701337520151663_7875633933107124035_n

These are Jenn’s cute soy wax melts (her stock image). I have about seven different scents in these and if the others are anything like the English Garden, they will be beyond well worth the price. These are half the price of other brands I have seen and as I’ve mentioned the scent lasts for days.

Guess what!? When I told Jenn I wanted to do a review she offered two winners for the giveaway! One winner will receive two soy wax melts and another winner will receive a small soy candle! To enter, comment below with your favorite scent from Jenn’s Etsy shop, Jenn’s Two Scents. Visit and like her page on Facebook too will ya?  One entry for commenting on the blog, visit Instagram for additional giveaway entries as well.

I’m going to go put Cinnamon Chai in my warmer now. Enjoy!

*This giveaway will close June 7 at 11:59pm ET*

Re-Play Review and Giveaway

I am a self proclaimed granola mom in my parenting styles of K. Baby led nursing, bed-sharing, cloth diapering, and basically anything we can reasonably do. Needless to say I am pretty excited for this week’s review and giveaway of RePlay Recycled.

If you’ve never heard of Replay, you’re not alone. I only recently found them myself. They make kids dishes; plates, cups, eating utensils, bowls, etc. What makes them different? Their products are made from recycled milk jugs AND they are 100% made in the USA! On top of that they are dishwasher safe! What more could you ask for?

I know what you’re thinking, this sounds great but buying local and made in America products is expensive. I’m a big fan of supporting local and American companies, but admittedly can’t always afford to do so. Most of the time these companies have a higher price tag. Not so with Replay! Check out their prices and products here.

I chose the navy blue set and we love it. The color is true, deep and vibrant. These products are durable and sturdy. My kids are tough on just about everything, these dishes stand up to even my tough terrors. Boy K can grip and use all of the utensils and cups with no struggles.

When I washed everything in the dishwasher I was anticipating towel drying them like I do with our other kid dishes. Nope! They all came out dry and ready to put away (I still had to dry the other plastic dishes.)

I thought and tried everything for this review with these dishes (except the microwave – don’t do that) and I have nothing but great things to say about these dishes. Yes I would absolutely recommend these dishes.

K has always enjoyed playing with silverware and now that he has some in his own size meal time is his time! Even at just over a year old he can hold and use the sippy cup with ease. Love these dishes!


Now that you’ve fallen in love with these dishes, let’s do the giveaway! This set has the divided plate, fork, spoon and no spill sippy cup, shown here in aqua. If you win the giveaway you choose your color set, and there are plenty to choose from! (I love that they have more than basic colors.)

How to enter:
Comment below for an entry
Follow me and comment on my Instagram post
Tag your friends for extra entries on Instagram

If you’d like more information on Replay Recycle here are their social media links: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and their website here.

The giveaway will end May 30th at 11:59pm ET and the winner will be announced the morning of 1 June.


Freshly Picked Giveaway!

*This giveaway is closed*

I have been quiet here on my blog because I’ve been super excited about my latest giveaway. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise too early. It is here now so I am shouting from the proverbial rooftops!

Ever watch Shark Tank? In 2014 Susan Petersen’s appearance showcasing her baby moccasins. Her company, Freshly Picked is booming and I am not surprised. Freshly Picked offers hard and soft soled moccasins for babies, infants and young children. I’d like some for me to wear around the house! I’m not sure I am fashion forward enough to wear them out and around town, ok I would probably do it anyway. In the meantime I have a review for an infant pair of soft soled moccasins.

The size soled moccasin sizes are pretty true to other regular shoe sizes. My little K wears a size 3 in other shoes, so I picked a pair of soft soled in size 3 for him.  There are a variety of colors to choose from, something for everyone on their site. Salt Flats and Weathered Brown are only two examples of the great color options to match everything. Of course  I could not resist the Green Camo print!

When a box showed up, I didn’t think much of it, (I order a lot online, Amazon Prime is my secret love affair). I opened the box later that night and was giddy and in awe. Having items shipped to me from many companies, I am use to the brown shipping paper and bubble wrap in all my boxes. What I was NOT expecting was this cute drawstring bag to keep the shoes in! DSCN1768.JPG

Want to see the cute shoes K runs around the house in, the cuteness contained inside this bag is to die for! Before I show you K’s cute new moccasins I want to tell you about my experience with the company, Freshly Picked itself. Each email, concern, question and general quirkiness of mine was address promptly and personally. I was spoken to like a human being and a valued customer.  Each time I feel as if I am talking with a friend. They really have a great customer service model.

Ok, without further ado…DSCN1769

I love that these moccasins come in a foot neutral cut, meaning there is no right or left foot fit moccasin. (say that five times fast!)

I slipped these bad boys on K’s feet and it was love! If you don’t know, K loves to pull anything on his feet, off. His socks don’t get lost in the wash, they are hiding in the seats and floors of my car! Yes, he even manages to take his shoes off, ugh. No more! Freshly Picked moccasins slip on and stay on. There is no struggle getting them on wiggling baby toes as the elastic allows for plenty of room to open the moccasin up and slip all five little piggies in! The elastic keeps the moccasin on his feet until I take them off! HALLELUJAH!  I can’t wait for pool and lake time this summer, these will be great at keeping his little feet covered out of the water.

K took off the instant I had these on his little feet and I haven’t been able to get an action shot yet! This is a good thing, trust me! Now that I have shown and told you about the amazing moccasins from Freshly Picked you want some for yourself, don’t you? Well here is your chance!

One reader will be randomly selected as a winner of one pair, your color choice, soft soled moccasins. In order to enter you must comment with what color you would pick (here is the website again). The fine print? You must like/follow Freshly Picked here on Facebook or here on Instagram. You must also have not won any other Freshly Picked giveaway in the last 60 days. Other than that, comment away. Additional entries available on Facebook and Instagram as well. The winner will be drawn Tuesday morning, the 10th!

Let’s Talk Jamberry… Giveaway

Those who know me know I’m about a 50% girly girl. I don’t always do my makeup but I usually prefer dresses/skirts to jeans and a t-shirt. I’d rather wear heels than flats most days. Yet doing my nails is not something I do on a regular basis.

I have used Jamberry nails previously and they are great! They lasted for about two weeks before I began to notice they needed to be changed and then it was about another week before it was noticeably time to change them.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about here’s some info on Jamberry. Jamberry nails come in strips and are applied with heat. No chemicals, no scraping or filing your nails to make them stay, just heat on clean finger nails. For $15 you get an entire sheet of “nails” enough for multiple manicures and pedicures! That’s WAY cheaper than a salon and so many other options/designs to choose from.

Go check out Amy Oldroyd’s Jamberry site for all the various styles and options available.

Now as promised, the giveaway! For each item you complete you will receive an entry into the random drawing. The giveaway will close at 8pm Easter time on Wednesday January 14th. – YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE EACH OF THESE TO BE ENTERED! The more you complete the more entries you’ll have of course but simply commenting below with your favorite style is one entry. Hurry this ends soon!

1. Find your favorite style on Amy’s Jamberry site and comment here with the name.
2. Share this post on FB with your friends
3. Like Amy’s Jamberry page on Facebook here and comment on her giveaway with my name.
4. Share this photo on FB tagging Amy’s Jamberry page or on Instagram #stina0822 so I can track your posts.

jamberry giveaway

Comment below with which ones you have completed 🙂 Good luck!

New Blog

I’m haven’t been keeping up with the other blog and the support on my portable devices isn’t all that great so I’m starting a new blog here. My old blog is still up but won’t be updated anymore. Start following me here.

There is no set thing I’m blogging about just our lives. So here is a quick brief update:

1. AJ is almost done with school only 2 classes left! So proud of him!!

2. Little Ginger just turned 4!!

3. Dawn just started on the track team at school, we will see how that goes.

4. I taught my very first lesson in Relief Society on Sunday! New found respect there!!

5. I have been going to the gym, albeit on an irregular basis, but I’m going!