Mars and Venus

Men and women are different creatures in MANY ways. From the food we eat to how we dress to our emotions to even our perception!

I love my husband with all of my heart and could not have asked for a better mate and partner. I know I and our children are blessed beyond a doubt. I know he is not perfect and he knows I am not either, though at times he pretends to let me think he thinks I am.

Rarely do I think about the differences we have in regards to perception of an event. How have we been together for over 7 years now and this is the first time I am having this ah ha moment?!? Am I that clueless or is AJ that much of a pacifist he lets it slide?

Let me explain…

Today AJ met me at the commissary (military grocery store), he wasn’t feeling well and he came to pick up some items he wanted and needed while I was there shopping. The parking lot is small and the area is low traffic flow. Walking thru the parking lot I was pushing K in the shopping cart. S asked AJ “Can we beat Mommy to the car?” Off they went down the row of 10 parking spots. Smiles, laughter and giggling ensued as they took off ahead of me, AJ between parked cars and S. The next instant plays over in my mind in slow motion…
Reverse lights on an SUV parked two spots away from ours lit up and the car began to move. Yelling at the top of my lungs STOP! STOP! not sure who would hear me first, the driver or AJ and S. Hoping my actions would somehow control theirs, I stopped in my tracks, two spots away. AJ turned his head looking and noticed the car. He grabbed S, the car stopped and they continued to our car. S of course is ecstatic they beat mommy to the car. AJ is playing it cool and I am freaking out inside, replaying what happened over and over in my mind. The elderly woman and her husband resumed pulling out and drove away. Neither of us really looked at the other. Then it happened…

As AJ was loading up groceries and I was buckling in kids I mused aloud at what would have happened if AJ had not been there. The woman would most likely not have seen S. His response was it’s over, let it go and move on. uh.. what?   WHAT!? I flipped inside. I’m not allowed to muse or have emotions on the matter? As we heatedly discussed the matter I could not understand why I was not allowed to work thru my emotions and the situation. Then his words hit me… If I hadn’t been here this wouldn’t have happened. I wanted to have fun with S and this happens. DING! I was upset b/c of what could have happened and was thankful AJ was there. He was upset because he was taking the whole situation as his fault!  HELLO ENLIGHTENMENT!

We calmly were understanding each other, said our I love yous and I realized I may never see this man or our shared experiences the same way again.

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