To The Moms: Just Stop It

I love to be crafty and creative. I’m all about trying new patterns on the sewing machine, making little hair bows for the girls and cooking up 20 pies twice a year. However, I am on board to STOP IT!
When did a birthday party or end of year celebration become a competition between the adults? The kids really don’t care! I know mine sure don’t. I’m sure some mom has made something fancier in her kitchen for her kid to take to school party. A husband has brought a better looking dish to the work potluck. Certainly someone else’s daughter has worn the side twist, double braid pony tail better than mine. BUT here’s the point I and the original poster are trying to make: the kids enjoyed the party, the potluck was a success (no leftovers is a great sign), and my daughter squeals with delight at her creative hairstyle. THIS is what matters, not who did it best. Just try toning down the competition a bit shall we?

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