So so Sewing

Years ago when #1 was first born I started working on and finished a cross stitch blanket for her. I did the hard part, the cross stitching but didn’t finish it off with a backing or edging. I put it away and just never found anything I really liked or wanted and didn’t have a sewing machine either. Then I got pregnant with #2 and started making her a blanket as well. I finished hers before she was born but again no backing or sewing machine so I just let it sit with #1’s blanket.

This last month my ward’s Relief Society held a beginning sewing class. I grabbed my sewing machine (my Grandma bought me one along the way) and my material and the girl’s blankets. I didn’t have the material I wanted but a girlfriend brought some of hers and it fit just right for #2’s blanket. I was so happy with it I found material at Walmart for #1 and finished hers too. Here are the girls with their finished blankets! Up next? A circle skirt for me!



No that’s not a sink full of dirty dishes haha ok it is.

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